LTD Latin-Creole Cafe

First Net’s Kitchen had to come up with the  recipes. We had to test the food on the menu. We had to design the menu. We had to come up with the mission, and then we had to find a spot. We had to design  our budget. We had to find out if we were […]

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My grandmothers mac and cheeses

My grandmother always cooks gumbo on holidays. She cooks mac and cheese and bell peppers . That is what she always cooks on holidays. My  family  and friends always come to  her house. The gumbo is good. it has a  spicy flavor. She uses hot sausage,  shrimps ,crabs ,smoked Sausage.  She puts ground meat in […]

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How to make FUFU

The main ingredient for Fufu is 4 green plantains and two tablespoons of salted butter. Place the plantains in water to cover and boil for 25 to 30 minutes. Remove the skin and remove the flesh; put in a bowl. The name Fufu came from west Africa. Fufu is often dipped in sauces or eaten […]

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